Food, drink and travel writer, and editor

Who is 
Fiona Sims?

I'm a British food, drink and travel writer, and editor, who skips the globe in pursuit of top chefs, pioneering food producers, hot hotels, legendary winemakers, brewers and distillers. And no, you can't carry my bags on the next job (my husband Mark does that). I write about my experiences in lots of different publications, including The Times, National Geographic Food, Decanter, Delicious, Conde Nast Traveller, and Elite Traveler.

I also get a buzz from editing and commissioning projects, working on titles such as Pantheon for Rolls-Royce, and driving content for luxury food websites, such as Godiva (chocolate), and Maille (mustard), which both happen to be products I love and reguarly scoff.

And I write books, most recently my updated second edition of Bloomsbury best-seller The Boat Cookbook, which is still going strong after 10 years on the shelves, plus The Boat Drinks Book, also for Bloomsbury, and a couple of wine books. Drop in from time to time to check out what I'm currently into.