Welcome to my blog!

By Fiona Sims

Welcome to my blog!

Well, I say ‘Welcome’ but it may not be welcome at all. Haven’t you got enough to read already without me burdening you with my thoughts and opinions? Though don't worry, I've never been that active on the blogging front.

I (pinky) promise to update it pretty regularly from now on, though, so long as I remember how to master the CMS. That's content management system for the luddites, me included, in other words the interface where I upload all my words and pictures. If I get stuck, I can always turn to my longsuffering webmaster Tom. 

I'll be putting the odd recipe on it, telling you about some of the interesting places I've been to and people I’ve met and sharing stories that sometimes get squeezed out by tight word counts. At a bit greater length than my ‘likes’ but a shade shorter than a full feature.

So I hope you enjoy it - and give me a nudge if I haven't posted anything recently …